Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stampede Pictures and Wild Rose Corrections

Thank goodness someone thought to bring a camera to the Stampede 'cause it wasn't me! Sarah Novak to the rescue. She snapped some of Laddie's second run. I wish I had made it possible for her to photograph a closed pen picture but oh well!

Lad and I walk to the post (handler's circle)

Holding Lad and signaling for sheep (the dog is disqualified if they leave the ring before you send them)

Lad turning barrels while I whistle him on

Everything looks better on the Jumbo-tron

Turning the post

Attempting the pen

So close but not enough time

Good job anyway, Laddie!

I also forgot to mention how Bracken did at the Wild Rose Classic. She didn't place either day but her runs were worth mentioning because it showed how very direct and brave she is. There are some photos floating out there on the internet of her holding off an attacking ewe that illustrate my point and I will have to try to track them down.
I also messed up on the first day placings of the Wild Rose. I mentioned Wendy Schmaltz and Fly and that would have been a feat indeed since Fly is now retired but Gin has taken her place and the Fly I mentioned was actually Chris Jobe's.
Our next trial is in a few weeks - the Bow River Classic. It is actually the old EID trial put on by Joanne and Ian Zoerb but is now in a new and improved location and so therefore deserved a new and improved title.

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