Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Could Be Fun

With the film festival success of movies like Sweetgrass and Buck it's not surprising that the documentary world would take a look at our sheepdog trials and realize that there may be a story there too. A new film is being produced about that very subject. It follows some of the top handlers on their road to The Soldier Hollow Classic. Haley Howard, Amanda Milliken and Faansie Basson are a few of the names they profile. It's not finished yet and it is hoped that it will be ready in the spring of 2012. So, if you run into the filmmakers around the trials this year, show your support (ultimately it promotes all of us), act natural, don't look at the camera and remember to wear vertical stripes. (the camera adds 10 pounds).

1 comment:

Doniene said...

I'm looking forward to the film!!! I won't be attending any of the events, so won't have to worry about vertical stripes!!! lol (No wonder I don't recognize myself in pictures!!!!)