Friday, September 17, 2010

USBCHA Finals '10 - We are here

After a week of wonderful hospitality, first at Jan Thompson's and then at Dan King's (both of whom have incredible fields to practice on) we are now camped at the Belle Grove Plantation in Virgina.Camper row is filling up and as the weekend progresses it will be very crowded as all the finest are turning out for this show.
Handler's packets are being prepared. I'm hoping for a new hat.Nursery starts tomorrow. The USBCHA finals committee finally has the course organized. Scott's on the committee so if you don't like the course, call him. He'll enjoy talking to you about it.Remember you can follow the scores on this page.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck

Janet said...

Good luck, Jenny! I enjoyed meeting you and your sweet puppy at Soldier Hollow.