Friday, September 24, 2010

National Finals '10- Day Four Open

The heat was almost unbearable today. There were alot of runs that retired early because of it. There are some grumblings that the dates for the nationals should be pushed back to October. Fortunately, they are expecting only 85 tomorrow and a nice 71 for the double lift.
So Scott and Maid and Don made it into the semis tomorrow. Alberta girl, Wendy Schmaltz did too with her bitch, Gin (a granddaughter of Scott's Dan - shameless plug). I reminded Wendy that they will be broadcasting her on the live webcast and that the camera adds 10 pounds so remember to wear something slimming.
My favorite run of the whole trial? Tom Forrester's Pete. They ran today and had the best fetch and what would have been the best drive except that Tom apparently didn't know where the line was on the crossdrive because he marched them brilliantly across but just low the whole way. He made all his panels though and had a wonderful finish. Even with the crossdrive being off, he ended up 5th place overall. I don't think it's a coincidence that Lori Cunningham's Matt is a son of his.
The most shocking run and the one I was most wanting to see was Alasdair MacRae and Star. I love watching Star and comparing Donnie to her. I hope for him to have as great a career as she has had. Unfortunately, today Star was not at her best and took off wide on her outrun. Real wide. So wide that when she got to the three strand barbed wire in the distance, she went through it and kept running. Alasdair tried to get her to come back through but she only came in a little and continued running on the outside of the fence. Finally, Alasdair called her back and walked off (or was DQ'd I'm not sure which). When she reached his side, the audience clapped for her and Alasdair gave her a pat and left the field. In her defence, there was something odd going on for the last few runs on the outrun. Nothing I could see but Vickie Kidd, Jack Knox and Alasdair's dogs all ran wide. Maybe the light was funny.
I have not heard what the running order will be for tomorrow yet. Scott is out helping to set the course again. Don't forget to watch the webcast!


Jeanne said...

Best of luck, tomorrow, Scott, Maid and Don!

Donna Brinkworth said...

Ditto from the Spiritdance gang. We will be thinking of you Scott, with Maid and Don. Carpe Diem!

dawn said...

Hey Jenny, thanks for the blog. I missed Scott and Don this am cause I forgot about the 3 hour time difference dang it. but looks like we'll get to watch them via webcast tomorrow. I followed yours on the twitter feed. sorry for your tough sheep. Good luck to Scott and have fun you...

~Dawn (pucci)