Saturday, September 4, 2010

Soldier Hollow ' 10 - Day Two - (Sheep 4 Glens 0)

We got nothin' again today!
It was hot and windy and the leader board never moved after dog number 19 (the leader by the way was the outstanding Tommy Wilson and Sly with a 92!) Scott had been wondering how Donnie was going to deal with all these new things: heavy range sheep, a difficult outrun, lots of pressure. He did ok. Not outstanding, but ok. We hope for more from him tomorrow. Most of his difficulties came from the outrun. He just didn't understand to look up that steep hill.

Scott trying to help Donnie spot sheep
Scott had to send him blind and Donnie gave it his best. He started tight so Scott gave him a bend whistle which he took, but maybe a little too deep and he almost got lost, he did eventually get to his sheep but was a little frazzled and that carried throughout the run. He didn't have any trouble moving them but his comebye flank was broken and slow so that caused Scott some handling difficulties.

Don on the fetch
They got all the way to the shedding ring and were on their way to the pen when Don took a quick low heel. (so quick that very few people saw it) and he got called for a DQ.

Don and Scott in the shed
I wasn't expecting much from Hemp's run because it was a horrible time of day to run but armed with my lucky new friendship bracelett from 4 year old Hailey Fogt ( who has "styled" my hair a few times already at this trial) I figured we'd do our best and see what happens.
I'm afraid Hemp is liking his grip a little too much and he also got a DQ. He was not as smart as yesterday on his outrun but got there and had a nice lift. He kept things quiet today and took my flanks and we made our fetch panels but had a little grip after, that was not called. He had a nice turn and a wobbly start to the drive but then lined out beautifully and had a tight turn which really surprised me at how easy it was to do today. I was afraid of the cross drive since that is where he gripped last year and yesterday but he did the crossdrive just fine, if a little off line in places and missed the panels by just a little. After the turn around the panels he started getting difficult to handle. I couldn't open his flanks enough to get him back on the third leg and after a fight with me he gripped again (a little more spectacularly this time) and we were called off.
Tomorrow is supposed to be alot cooler and Scott runs both Don and Maid again so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Once again, for all the scores, go to the Soldier Hollow website.

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Donna Brinkworth said...

I will send positive thoughts and vibes and cross fingers for you both.