Sunday, September 5, 2010

Soldier Hollow '10 Day Three - No Dice But It's OK

Well, I will have Scott's company spectating the double lift tomorrow. It's good and bad. Donnie almost made it and stayed on the leader board until about 3:30 when a spectacular run by Haley Howard and Ross took the lead and bumped Scott out of the double lift. Good try Donnie. What is ok about that you ask? This might be a little bit much for Donnie to do a double lift here this year. The sheep are just so difficult. I think not doing this double lift will save Donnie to fight another day when he is more experienced. Halfway through his crossdrive it seemed to click with Don and he loosened up and started taking that comebye flank with some enthusiasm and got control of his sheep. He had a smooth shed and a perfect pen so we were happy with him but his 77 won't play tomorrow.
I'm afraid Maid will also not be in tomorrow. She had a rocky lift when a sheep foolishly challenged her and she told it where to go.
Tonight we eat well. Soldier Hollow gives the handlers a free prime rib dinner with all the fixin's every year and we get to pick up our new Woolrich embroidered jackets tonight - also provided free for the handlers. To borrow a comment from fellow Canadian George Stambulic, I'm going to eat as much as I can incase I don't get invited back next year!
I will probably spend most of my time enjoying the double lift tomorrow and taking the pups into the event to socialize them so I will not do a blog but get today's and tomorrow's scores on the Soldier Hollow website, and keep an eye on Amelia Smith's blog because she's been doing some live blogging about the runs when she's not doing her informative demos.
On Tuesday Scott and I will head off to TN to do some training on the dogs before the finals so I will see you all in a couple of weeks in Virginia at the National finals. (yes, Lad got in at the last minute so I gotta shed shed shed with him this week)


Amy Cindy said...

Woolrich Arctic Parka damit du bleibst schick und warm im Winter.

Nancy Green said...

Love Woolrich arctic parka very much.