Saturday, September 25, 2010

National Finals '10 - Semi Finals

I am sooo tired so forgive me if this blog is heavy on pictures instead of words. We had some young dogs that felt the need to be walked 4 times last night. Yes 4 times. Then Donnie, who is sleeping in the camper with Maid and us because he has earned it, told me he needed to go out. I thought he had drank too much water and had to potty but no. He wanted to visit the girls we have in the truck who are in heat. I fell for that ruse twice. I'm a slow learner. Just ask Laddie. Anyway, Don and Maid were wonderful today and both got in the double lift, along with our fellow Albertan, Wendy Schmaltz and my favorite dog, Lori Cunningham's Matt and his father, Tom Forrester's Pete. I am happy for all of them.
It was tough running today because the sheep didn't just run, they made the dogs prove they could be moved around the drive. I'm sure everyone saw the webcast. You should have. If you didn't, go to the link on the side of this blog and watch it. You won't be disappointed.
Don has drawn up 17th tomorrow. A good slot. The sheep have been sweet at the end of the day but it will be cooler all day tomorrow. At least they will know what they have to do to get it done. Maid is 4th. Not a bad draw at all. Tommy Wilson has the danger spot of 2nd place. He's going to be hard to beat with that draw. Alasdair is 15th. He's amazing no matter where he draws.
I'm going to bed and get some sleep and hope that Scott, Maid and Don get a good night's sleep
as well.
Some pictures from Don's run:

Don schools a wayward ewe on the art of flocking

Donnie with a good crossdrive line

Scott and Don get the pen

Donnie being filmed for the webcast

Don and Scott do a shed

Maid's pictures:

Maid making the fetch panels

Scott helps Maid take the sheep around the post

Maid on the crossdrive

Maid taking the sheep through the ditch on the crossdrive

Scott calling Maid in on an exciting shed


Donna Brinkworth said...

It was so exciting to see the webcast. I was glued to it for the entire day and cheered and clapped for Scott with Don and Maid! And a few other times during the day for other great moments and runs. Thanks for the photos and all the best for a great day Sunday.

Jeanne said...

Best of luck tomorrow, Alta-Pete!!