Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hepnner St. Patrick's Day Trial - third report

Donnie's run held up yesterday so he has won his first open trial on his first time to the post! The last 4 runs of the first trial didn't upset any of the other scores so what I reported yesterday stayed the same.
Scott said the weather today was beautiful. Sunny but not too hot to run dogs. He was pleased with both of his dogs today but he didn't score as well as yesterday. Donnie got a 79 and Scott said he looked his age (barely 3) and needed some more seasoning. They missed the drive gates and had a wide last leg but what hurt him the most was no pen which apparently was a handler error
Maid was much better today and scored an 84 with no pen so she was able to redeem herself from yesterday.
Scott has a long haul tonight to get to Washington for a clinic so he was unable to stay until the end but said that Karen Child and Rock had a 96 and were leading. With their 86 from the day before, it looks like she will have the overall wrapped up too since the other contenders didn't have as good of runs today as they did yesterday.


Camp said...

Congratulations to Scott and Don...we will all remember reading about the first Open win..the beginning of many to come I am sure! thanks Jenny!

Jeanne said...

Heck of a way to "break your Open Maiden", Don and Scott. Whoo hooo!! First in a long line of many, no doubt! Congratulations.

Monique said...

Way to go Scott and Don! (Reports are he just rolled up safely for the night, Mrs.)

Welsh shepherdess said...

YAHOO!!! Well done Don...and Scott.

Donna Brinkworth said...

Congrats to Scott and Don!!