Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heppner St. Patrick's Day Trial - second report

The first day's trial is not over - they ran out of daylight and have 4 more dogs to run tomorrow so my information is still unofficial but I can give you what I have. I am proud to say that Scott's luck has improved and Donnie is sitting in first with a 92! This is Don's first open run and I'm happy to say he is showing good stuff. Scott said it was not an easy run and described the sheep as "pushing rope" because one wanted to run and the other two wanted to graze. Obviously they got it done anyway. In second is still Lavon Calzacorta with his 89 and behind him is Diane Deal with Angie with an 88. There were three with 87s - Lynn Johnson, Elizabeth Baker and her tried and true Rye and Anne MocK with Taff. After that there was a cluster of those with an 86 : Francis Chai and Belle (this dog was in open when my Bob was just a pup so she's got to be at the very least 12 and could be much older!), Norm Close and Gwen (with two missed gates! It must have been a nice run, way to go Norm!) Patrick Shannahan with Riggs and Karen Child with Rock. Pearse Ward had an 85. A couple of honorable mentions: Vickie Close got an 83 with Gail and a 77 with Hanna - good job! and Sandy Johnson with her young/new dog Dusty got a 77.
The last four to run for the first day's trial are, Karen Stanley and Meg, Sue Wessles and Ajax, Laura Vishoot and Ripley, and Francis Chai and Chime. I will let you know how it all plays out when Scott reports in tomorrow.

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