Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heppner St. Patricks Day Trial 2010 - first report

Scott's trial season has started! But I'm afraid the first run of the year hasn't been so hot -hopefully it's not a sign of things to come!
The weather at Heppner started a little cold and rainy and the wind is in your face but Scott said the dogs are hearing so it's ok, and the sun has started to peak out.
His run with Maid didn't go anywhere. The sheep were getting grumpier as the day progressed and maybe that has to do with the wind. Scott thought he had a plan to keep her off the sheep on the lift. It seemed to work well for others but it didn't go that way for Maid. She lifted them off the hay and had them moving when Scott stopped her to give them some room to move. It was the wrong thing to do and the sheep tried to go back to the hay by pushing on Maid. Long story short, Maid ate one and Scott retired.
Hopefully Don's run will go better this evening.
As of 2PM Pacific time the leader was Lavon Calzacorta (with Tess I believe) with an 89. Lynn Johson (with Jessie I think) and Elizabeth Baker with Rye were tied for second and third with an 87. Diane Deal (and Zorro maybe?) and Patricia Peterson with Jen were both tied with an 81 and Joe Haines and Rain had an 80. He also said that Ken Johnson with our old Drift had a great run but gripped out at the pen. (better luck tomorrow, Ken!) While he was giving me his report, he said that Pearse Ward and Riell had just had a nice one but he didn't have a score on him yet.
His next report will probably not be until tonight but I will post what I hear.

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Camp said...

thanks for the report...Good Luck to Scott on his next runs...and I wished you were there running too..but I know you have to keep the farm going!