Monday, April 20, 2009

Plumb Lucky Trial - Open Day One

MUD! RAIN! It was a mess. Most of the day was a hard rain, with a short sunny break in the afternoon. We give a big thank you to the worker's at the trial who were wet and covered in mud but never complained or stopped working.

Wyatt Flemming, the trial host's hard working son, covered in mud
Scott's Drift started the open class in a big down pour. He ran a nice run but had a leader sheep that was looking for some shelter and didn't care if the other sheep came with her. He listened to Scott's instructions and got her around the course in good fashion but she didn't want to go into the pen and lead the others around and around until there was only one point left when she went in. Drift ended up in 15th place.
My Hemp ran at the worst part of the morning. Horrible thunder and some lightning (it wasn't striking near us so I did go to the post during it). I can confidently say that Hemp is NOT afraid of thunder. He worked pretty good in his first open trial and was listening to everything I said until... the crossdrive panel when a reoccurring problem cropped up and he headed his sheep and brought them back to me instead of putting them through the panels. Then the run fell apart and he sliced at the pen and although he had a calm shed he looked at the sheep behind him. He didn't place but got a 67 for a score.
I don't want to talk about Laddie's run. Let's just say he wasn't listening.
Roo had a good run except he crashed the sheep at the top. It was very disappointing since we thought he was over that old habit but it came back again at this trial.

Diane Pagel's Delta Bluez Roo
However, the rest of the run was good enough that he placed 7th in the trial and with 60 something dogs in the trial this was nice.

Roo and Scott shedding
Maid really did well on the first day of open. The rain was really coming down when they went to the post

Maid in the rain
but she listened so well that they made all their panels, got their shed and pen and ended up winning the first day!

Maid winning the first day of open

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