Monday, April 20, 2009

Plumb Lucky Trial - Day Two Open

The second day of open wasn't any dryer but our trial hosts were outstanding. They have one of the most hospitable trials and any thing you need they will give you.

Thad Fleming, our tired but hard working trial host
We love this trial for that reason. And thank goodness for their big tractor that could pull all trucks and campers out of the mud whenever you were ready to leave.
Maid's second day did not go as well as the first. Most of the way around the course she was good and her shed and pen were good but she had a running group of sheep and a hard rain again and it started to wear on her. On the third leg of the drive she buzzed the sheep. She didn't make contact but the judge punished her by only giving her 8 points for her drive. Unfortunately, that took her out of the running for the overall buckle.
Roo slashed again at the top and never quite settled down again. He headed the sheep on the crossdrive so Scott retired him.
I still don't want to talk about Lad's run. Not sure what's going on there.
Hemp ran outstanding, however a miscommunication kept us from placing. He had a good outrun and lift and I didn't even need to blow a whistle on his fetch until after the fetch panels. He made both panels but as he went through the crossdrive panels I blew an away whistle to start him back to me. Scott said the way I blew it, it sounded funny and he knew Hemp would take the wrong flank. I thought he was being stubborn and so I made him circle again - thinking I was training. I didn't realize the dog had tried to be good and I was waisting all those points! Anyway, after that, he had a good shed and pen and got 71 points.
Because Scott didn't score very high on the first day with Drift, he knew he was going to have to really lay one down to win the overall buckle donated by Deb and John Cleveland.

Drift lifting with the Leeton cemetery in the background!
Alasdair MacRae had it just about wrapped up with Star until Scott and Drift went to the post. He knew as he stepped up there he had to get a 95 to win it and that's what they got! It was a beautiful run and Drift couldn't have worked much better.

Drift on the fetch
Thanks again to our hosts, the Fleming family and their hard working sidekicks the Clevelands

Scott accepts the over all open buckle
L-R Allen Hickenbottom, Scott, Wyatt Fleming, Thad Fleming and Mike Schragel


gr8bcs said...

I really enjoy your trial analysis, or is that analyses in the plural? Either way, keep 'em coming, Jenny. Penny C.

Donna Brinkworth said...

If we can't be there to cheer you on here is a way to do it. Thanks for sharing, I too love reading your descriptions. Congrats to Scott and Drift!

Kycousin said...

Hi Jenny
I am enjoying following your trials (and tribulations..rain, mud, etc). Looking forward to seeing you and Scott in a couple of weeks. Bob and I still owe you two dinner so maybe we can work it in during the Bluegrass. Bob is taking the week off so he will be there in the evenings for a change.
Safe travels.
Bobbie Washer