Sunday, April 19, 2009

Plumb Lucky Trial - Nursery Two, Three and Four

Ok first an apology. I'm missing the placings for Saturday and Sunday trials. I know what our dogs did but I'm embarrassed to say I don't have the top 10 scores yet. I will get them this week from the hard working Deb Cleveland who is the secretary for this trial. She promises to email them to me and then I will post them here. My excuse is that if you could see the rain and mud here you would understand and most of the scores are not being left up after the classes because of the mess. Anyway, I'm going to stick with that story. I figured I'd get the information posted on how our dogs did now, and then get the rest of the placings up this week.
As for the second nursery, Scott ran Tuque, Sleat and River. River didn't really get going on his run. Scott was setting him up for his outrun and didn't notice that someone was walking on the course. When he sent him River had focused on the person and never found his sheep.
Sleat had a good outrun. Her drive didn't go so well though and she missed all her panels. Tuque was the star in this class.
Susan Gilbert's Tuque
She had a set of sheep that were very difficult. They gave the set out person all kinds of trouble and just tore down the field. Tuque tried to hold them back and even tried to head them but stopped every time Scott asked her to so she never got off line. She made her panels and her pen - Scott had to keep her way off the pen because the sheep were so touchy but they went in. When all was said and done she was 3rd in the class and got her first leg to qualify for the nursery nationals!
The third nurseries were held on Saturday and Scott ran Jess and Whiskey again. Whiskey improved alot but when Scott noticed he wasn't going to get a leg he just used the run for a training round. Young Jess, unfortunately had a flock of Guinea fowl on the course for her run and did a nice outrun on them. Of course they weren't the right kind of stock so Scott called her off when she didn't want to leave them to look for the sheep.
The final nursery trial was on Sunday and went the best of all the days for us. River, Sleat and Tuque ran this time. River got out to his sheep this time but was uncertain about the set out person and he crossed over. He was strong around the course which was good to see but he didn't get a very high score. Sleat did much better and ran a pretty good course. She placed second and got her first leg towards the Nursery Nationals! Tuque really stood out at this trial.

Tuque qualifed for the Nursery Nationals
With another difficult set of sheep she controlled them well and placed first in the class! She is now qualified for the Nursery Nationals.

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