Monday, May 28, 2012

North Carolina Championships - Under Classes

June didn't really get to try her double lift this morning.  While she was still on her first outrun, the setout lost her sheep.  They regathered them just as June got to the top (which was good!) but then they couldn't get the set out dog to call off the sheep and as June lifted them it squeezed the sheep between the two dogs and a single squirted off to the set out.  While June was trying to gather them all back together, still at the top, they brought out her second set of sheep.  I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that although June was trying her best to keep them apart and move the first set towards the fetch panels, (the single had already joined the second set) both groups joined up. Scott called her off assuming he'd have another chance on her rerun.  They decided to send up some open handlers to help out and that fixed the problem but the judge decided not to give Scott and June a rerun.  Vergil and Brooke had a nice run but were topped by Linda Fogt and Jill.  Linda had to retire her good dog Annie a couple of years ago but she is certainly back on top with the new girl!
We moved on to the nursery classes right after.  Friday's nursery didn't have as far an outrun as we did today.  Today the dogs had to run the open outrun but they had a shortened drive.  There were alot of dogs who didn't find the sheep with this outrun, and a couple of handlers scratched when they realized it was difficult.  Bliss had a very nice run this time.
Bliss on her Nursery turn at the post
 She kept her flanks open and was nice and smooth, making all her panels and pen.  She ended up with an 81.5 placing in 3rd.
Bliss approaches the pen
 Ford ran shortly after her.  He started his run nicely but the finish drove me batty.  He went out on the big outrun (about 400 yrds) and only asked for directions once. Not bad for a dog who was running tight just a few weeks ago.  The sheep left a little early but he caught them before they went too far.  He missed his fetch panels but made the difficult drive away.
Ford on his nursery fetch
 However, we missed the crossdrive panel but I wasn't too concerned about it. I was concentrating on setting up the pen so he would quit his racing around it.  I kept it calm and got a nice stop in a good spot that put the sheep in the pen.  I didn't want to immediately close the gate for fear that it would push him to the back of the pen as I stepped toward him.  I didn't get the chance before he picked his head up and raced around the back of the pen and pushed the sheep back out.  We set it up again, and penned again but this time he blew through my stop and just went to the back.  I slammed the gate and tried to bring him around the front to stop before I took the sheep out but I couldn't get him to stop.
Ford blows me off at the pen!
 I was reduced to begging and then when I finally sent them towards the exhaust, he went and gathered them again.  By this time I was losing my cool.  I tried to chase him off (apologizing to the person in exhaust) but he went to gather again!  Finally, after I was thoroughly embarrassed, Ford spotted the water tub and went in there where I caught him.  I took him away and put a long line on him and worked on his lie down and recall before his run in the Open Ranch.  He was contrite and I thought our next run would go better but it was even worse.  Around the course it was the same (except a better outrun) but his blow off at the pen and his recall when it was over was even more humiliating.  We have some work to do before his next trial in NY.  For right now, he's off the spoiled list.  He's not getting the extra attention that my dogs usually get and it will stay that way until he shapes up and earns it again.
Tex didn't find his sheep this time with the bigger outrun and although Scott gave him a good chance, he had to retire him.
Wynn  got lost on his outrun and crossed but the rest of his run was very nice. He ended up with a 55.
Jane was a superstar  and won it smoothly and got her first finals leg!
In the open ranch, Nan had a beautiful run but Scott tried to get fancy and in attempting to make a tight turn around the drive panels, he turned just short and lost 18 points on his drive to get a 67.
Bliss took 3rd in the class with an 80.5.  It seems she is remembering to open her flanks again.  It's a good sign since Scott plans on taking her to the nationals.
In the Pro Novice, Scott ran Tex who looked great again - and took 3rd in his class.
Jane was a good girl, but drew one of the few high headed sheep that were not going to go in the pen.  Most of the sheep penned as long as you stayed out of their way but every 20 runs or so, there was a ewe who wasn't going to go in the pen and Jane drew it this time so she didn't get them in the pen.
We were proud to cheer on a brand new trialer  in the Pro Novice today.  Tobie O'Dell has bought Marianna Schreeder's old Nan dog and they did a great job for Tobie's first time ever at the post.  Nan ran a little wide but Tobie called her in and they had nice lines, just missing both of their panels at the last minute and closed the pen door to the cheers of her fan club.  We look forward to catching Tobie down the road as she moves up in this sport.
We are off to New York next to Roger and Heather Millen's Fetch Gate Farm.  Scott will be teaching a couple of clinics and there will be a small nursery trial.

Pro Novice (22 dogs)
1. Christine Koval and Monk 73.5
2. Meredith Cardenas and Chic 70
3. Scott Glen and Tex 66.5
4. Bob Ford and Skip 63
5. Barbara Ray and Pippa 62.5
6. Ginger Bruton and Bob 62
7. Meagan Skelton and Gael 62
8. Barry Zimmerman and Jip 58
9. Scott Glen and Jane 53
10. Renee Billadeau and Talley 53

Open Ranch (26 dogs)
1. Christine Koval and Ben 82
2. Marianna Schreeder and Cass 81.5
3. Jan Thompson and Trim 81.5
4. Scott Glen and Bliss 80.5
5. RC Tomlinson and Chap 79.5
6. Chuck Dimit and Chad 74.5
7. Scott Glen and Wynn 74
8. Jan Thompson and Sara 73
9. Scott Glen and nan 67
10. Cy Peterson and Reba 66

Nursery 2 (12 dogs)
1. Scott Glen and jane 82
2. Chuck Dimit and Chad 81.5
3. Scott Glen and Bliss 81.5
4. Linda Tesdahl and Gus 59
5. Scott Glen and Wynn 55.5
6. Anita Young and Gil 49
7. Jenny Glen and Ford 48
8. Barbara Ray and Pippa 47

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