Friday, May 18, 2012

Bluegrass Day Three

Oh, I'm afraid I'm not going to be a very good reporter since I didn't see too many of the runs today.  I know that since Scott has Wynn and Bliss qualified now, he spends more time trying to train on them during the trial and making sure they do it right, rather than going for the win.  However, Tex still needed a second leg and he did a great job and got a 79 and took second place which is his second leg!
Tex on the fetch
 He really looks like a nice dog to handle, listening and responding to all of Scott's flanks.
Tex turning on the crossdrive
  Bliss beat Wynn today with a 67 and he got a 59 but like I said, alot of what Scott is doing is training so they are good and ready for the finals.  Jane did ok today and got a 66.  Scott said she is doing better but I know she's a little frustrated on these sheep and I don't think it was good enough for a leg.
Wynn also took third place in pro novice.
Don's run was very disappointing.  He again got very difficult sheep. Actually, this time is was one bad lamb and the other two weren't too bad but of course, her lunacy made them all stressed.  They busted down the fetch line again and just barely missed the panels  but were very difficult to get around the post. The crazy ewe kept busting back to try and jump into the spectators arms.  It was a long and tense moment while Don continued to flank out, catch her and put her back with her sisters, just to have her do it again.  They were crazy up the drive line but made the panels and crazy across the crossdrive but again made the panels.  Got a shed but it wasn't a really good one, and had a tense pen.  His score was only 60.5  All we can do is wait to see how it holds up with his 83 and keep our fingers crossed it was good enough to get him in the double lift.  He ended the day still in 4th place over all.
Laddie ended the day and ran his heart out for me.  He was so responsive and polite to his sheep.  He missed the fetch panels but no one would have guessed that was going to happen as they were dead on and just ducked out of the way on the last minute.  The judges didn't like the lower half of his fetch but he had a good turn around the post and a very nice drive.  In the shedding ring, he was very good and came in but glanced behind him after he turned on the single.  Because of that, the judges waited for him to look back at his single before calling it and she got close to the fence and threatened to go over.  I thought maybe I should just have him go back for the other two who were patiently waiting just outside the ring.  So he turned back on them and I made sure he gave them plenty of room so they wouldn't get spooked but even though he was way off and lying down they popped over the fence and into the spectators and it was over.  The audience groaned and then applauded us  to help with the loss.  Laddie didn't know there was an issue but I went and got him a new toy anyway and all was well in his world.
Laddie's conciliation prize


Monique said...

Congrats on getting all the Nursery dogs going. Sorry to hear about the open runs. Sounds like very tough going.

Kristi said...

That is a very nice toy!