Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bluegrass '12 Day Four

Another LONG day of trialing.  The sheep were better today on the open field and the scores showed it.  Fortunately, Donnie's scores held up and he will be running in the Double Lift tomorrow!!  I'm also extremely proud of his little daughter June who worked so hard to get a good score to make up for her bad score the other day. She did it!   (I missed Alasdair's run with his young bitch but I hear she is the same way bred as Donnie and she also made the double lift so it will be a family affair tomorrow)
June had a good outrun and slammed down a little close to the sheep at the top but she quickly made it right with them by backing off and opening up her flanks.
Scott and June turn the post
 They missed the fetch panels but made both drive panels.  She was treating them nicely in the shed too but they stupidly gave her a challenge. 
These sheep know not what they do
 She kept her mouth shut even though I think they were making insults about her mother wearing combat boots.  Her confidence has really come up during this trip and she isn't as quick to grip as she used to be.  She got her shed but couldn't get it done at the pen.  Scott decided not to push it too hard and risk the grip that she'd been avoiding but they almost got it done.  She got a 73.5 and got herself in the double lift!
June will be in the double lift!
 The way Hemp had gone in his last run I wasn't expecting much from him and he didn't give it.  He wouldn't take my away flanks.  It was hot and he was happy just walking behind them and he didn't really care where they were going.  We missed the panels but I got it back under control and we were having a quiet turn around the post.  The sheep were behind me when one jumped back the way she came and ran in front of me to  rejoin her buddies after they had turned the post.  I thought for a second what I was going to do about it and then I retired.  We didn't have a score from the day before so there was no chance at a double lift, he wasn't listening so I could only imagine what the rest of the run was going to be and we had just lost too many points to get in the prizes today.  Plus I wasn't sure if I should go on (and possibly get a DQ from one judge) or wind them all back around the post.  It was too complicated to keep going so I retired.  Besides, if I was confused, I'm sure the judges were too and Scott always says, "If you confuse the judges, you are going to pay."
Wynn had some more good training in the nursery field today but Bliss is going to need some more work (which she'll get while we have a few days off in Tennessee).  She started out good but she has less training than the other nursery dogs in our kennel and it's starting to show.
Tex was brilliant again!  He tied for second with Bev Lambert's Joe dog who is also running in open.  I'm not sure who got the higher placing.  Lyle Lad won the class.
Fingers crossed for a good draw for Scott tomorrow!!!

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