Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bluegrass Double Lift

If you didn't follow my updates on Facebook today, I encourage you to check it out to get summaries on all the runs including June and Don's.
June finished her first double lift in 11th place and Donnie, although he was giving a nice run up until then, gripped on the third leg of the drive.
I took some pictures of each of their runs, including Donnie's very well done crossdrive panel.
Scott prepares to send June  

June and Scott turn the post

This is why June missed the crossdrive panels!
June cools off before starting her shed
June and Scott almost complete the shed
Scott and Don prepare for their first outrun
Don turns back for his second set of sheep
Don and Scott's clever work to save the crossdrive panel:


Sarah said...

i loved all the updates this week - quite the ride at the Bluegrass wow!!!! way to go everyone :)

Joan said...

congrats to June!! Crue is feeling very inadequate. All he does is hold off sheep for me lately.

Susan said...

Great to see you there and a great job! I really enjoyed your commentary and photos.