Saturday, September 3, 2011

Soldier Hollow 2011 - Day Two

Well, the Alta-Pete dogs have changed their luck! Maid and Scott ran early this morning - first in fact. At this trial, first is a chancy place to run. It's nice and cool but the sheep sure do hate to leave the set out. Maid had a great outrun, a nice lift and was on line to make her fetch panels but then the sheep in the set out started to call the ones on the course and Scott and Maid were a little fooled. The sheep dodged Maid and ran back up to try to get back to set out. It hurt her on points but she quickly fixed the problem and brought them back down the field.

Maid on the fetch (the second time)
The turn around the post was a little tough when some sheep tried to back track but again, Maid caught them and took them on a nice line and turn through the drive panels.

The drive away leg and score board
A good crossdrive with a bobble at the panels

Maid turning through the crossdrive panels
the third leg

The third leg of Maid's drive
and into the shedding ring.
The shed

Scott and Maid shed two off

and pen were uneventful and at the finish, they had a score of 81!

Camera crew from the documentary "That'll Do" film Scott and Maid penning
They led until Dennis Gellings and old Jan ran a beautiful 89. Then Scott and Maid never dropped below second and made the double lift!
Laddie and I ran in the late afternoon and the heat was very strong. I just wanted to concentrate on getting around because I really thought it was too hot to be too careful. Lad had a good outrun but I flanked him over the top and talked him through his lift. The sheep were laying on him down the fetch line and although I asked for a flank I got nothing. I asked for a stop to correct him, and got nothing. I started demanding but no, he still was holding on to his line which was off from the real line. He had decided that he had them moving and he wasn't going to listen to me maneuver them around. I wasn't really sure what to do when Laddie wasn't listening- it's an extremely rare thing. Just after he missed the panels, he got them on line and became the old, biddable, Laddie again. After that, he was just a gem. He had a good line to the pen and kept his flow. His crossdrive had some wobbles but he made his panels and we fought hard to hold the third leg on the line. In the shedding ring we had over 3 minutes and the sheep settled quick and we took an immediate shed (I got alot of compliments on it) and then ran to the pen (it's quite a jog over there!). I thought it was nice to get the rope in my hand again. Laddie caught them as they tried to pass the pen. This time we had luxury of more minutes on the clock than last time and low and behold, they went in! I was blown away. I have said for years that I wanted a pen at Soldier Hollow but I hadn't even touched the rope in years and this time, they went in. Mission accomplished, but wait! Then there was the score - an 81! Third place (Scott got us on the outwork) and we are in the double lift on Monday! Bonus! I am so proud of Lad.
Tomorrow morning I will be sure to root for Faansie Basson and Don who drew up in the good spot of 3rd and George Stambulic will be in the 12th slot. Scott drew up 29th with Don and 39th with Maid so we will keep our fingers crossed that they will overcome the heat.


Monique said...

Big celebration down here when everyone saw the scores. Well done!

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Viki said...

Congrats Jenny! Goood Luck onn Monday.

Camp said...

and WHERE is the picture of the sign stating MY SWEET LADDIE DID IT!!!! wonderful, magnificent..faboolous!!!!

Donna Brinkworth said...

So excited for both of you! Will be sending positive vibes and thinking of you all day tomorrow. Best of luck. Donna