Wednesday, September 14, 2011

National Finals 2011

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts but unfortunately the finals was, shall, I say, screwed over by their WiFi supplier. The story I was told was that when they went to ask for their password from the company who supplied the emergency phone and the included WiFi, they were told by the people who set it up that they had no idea 'cause they were new at this. Not cool on that company's part.
Louanne has been kind enough to take me to town and we are now parked outside of the Carbondale Post office using their WiFi.
The trial itself is going very well. I understand you can watch the runs a day after they happen if you go to the finals website and sign up - so you don't need my daily updates anyway. I am taking pictures where I can and I'll load them when the trial is over. Yesterday, Maid was a good girl and got around but no pen. She should have no trouble getting into the semi's. June had a nice lift in the nursery trial this morning but gripped off on the fetch. Laddie battled hard but despite decent lines, we didn't make a single panel and no pen so we are out of it.
That's all for now. If I go to town again I will try to write another quick update.

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Martha said...

Hi Jen and Scott

I saw Don's nice run today on the 'webcast' - my free hour. Lovely job on both parts! I'll be rooting for you tomorrow. All the best, and wish I was there, Martha McHardy