Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meeker 2011

The bad news is that I'm having a terrible time getting computer reception at Meeker so I am sitting at the community center where there seems to be decent service. The badder news is that Hemp didn't have a good run this morning. He had a wonderful outrun to the left (most people are sending to the right because you can see the dog the whole way but most dogs are trying to cross that way) but was slow to lift them as they started heavy. Then they raced down the fetch with Hemp hot on their heels. I couldn't ever get them to go in a straight line. When I stopped or slowed Hemp down, they changed directions. Back and forth. The turn was nice and easy but then they ran hell bent for leather up the drive. I got them through the panels but not the crossdrive panels. Easy shed (any 2 out of 5) and then got to the pen. Most people think we need another minute on our time and even though I had almost 2 minutes, I needed that last minute. They were looking like they would finally go in when they called time on me. Hemp wasn't bad at the pen but not perfect. These might be killer sheep for Lad and I have no idea which way I am going to send the terrible outrunner but I don't have to decide until Friday. Scott has been away since yesterday at a helpful person's place (I've never met her) training on his dogs. He runs one tomorrow so I'm hoping it pays off.
I'll try to get service again tomorrow night for another update but no promises!
PS I left the field late this afternoon and there have only been 2 pens!

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