Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meeker 2011 - Day Two

Donnie ran late this afternoon. The sheep were much more lively today. Yesterday they weren't as happy due to being soggy after the rain. Don had a good lift and then true to Meeker history, the sheep tried to run off to the handler's right. Scott flanked him over hard but it took a little bit before he got over there and then got ahold of them. Donnie got them back on line just before the fetch panels but they still tried to go back and forth around them. He got them through though and marched them right down the field. Many dogs were stalling out after the fetch panels and several runs have ended right there in the middle of the field, but Don never hesitated. They went around the post and then the sheep took off on their customary run up the drive as they tried to get back up the field. Don caught them and put them through the panels and made a quick turn and on to the crossdrive. They still try to get up the field on the crossdrive so it didn't get any easier but Scott and Don's aim was true and they went through the panels and on to the shed. A quick shed and they had 1:30 to get the pen. Most dogs needed more time than that but not Don. He had one sheep dash about a little bit but he got her broke and in they went with an 85 score! At the end of the day they were still in the lead.
One more day of qualifying. Laddie runs around 13th tomorrow and Scott should be running Maid around noon. Lad needs to concentrate on lifting them and keeping them on the fetch line (instead of his usual right side of the field fetch that he does here) and Maid needs to concentrate on keeping her mouth shut! Oh, yeah, and both of them need to get their outruns!

Scott sets don up for the difficult outrun

Making the fetch panels

Don starting the turn around the post

Don makes the turn around the drive away panels

Don turns the sheep through the crossdrive panels

Holding the shed

Don and Scott pen the sheep

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Donna Brinkworth said...

That is awesome! Good luck tomorrow! Thanks for sharing and those pics are great. Good boy Don! We are sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.