Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shaker Village '10 - Day Two

OK - no pictures today. If you wonder why, turn on your tv and take a look at the Kentucky Derby. Rain, Rain, Rain. Oh, yeah, and thunder (those that know my old retired dog, Bob - he's doing fine) I will try to get today's scores tomorrow. It's supposed to keep raining but if I get a chance to go write them down during a break I will. Right now if I did they'd be nothing but smeared ink by the time I got back to my computer. I can tell you that Christine Henry and Rook have a 91 and Vergil Holland and Brook do too. Linda Fogt ran first this morning with Mickey and got a 90. Scott and Maid had a nice run and got a 90 also. Maid ran tight on her outrun and had to be blown out twice. Without that she would be in the lead. Donnie ran really well but was hit hard on his lift. I didn't see what the judge saw that lost him those points but other than that he looked really good. His score was an 87.
Both Bob and Hemp took really bad tumbles on their outruns. Hemp left my feet too wide and got on a road and was going too far up the hill. I called him back and redirected him and as he took off he must have caught his feet in the high brush and did a 3 summersalter. He found his sheep and was a little funny on the lift. I think he was trying to guard the draw but he kept flanking off instead of just lifting and going. He wasn't avoiding the lift, just over compensating for the draw. The sheep had gotten heavy and felt extremely heavy for Hemp. They grazed alot and he had to keep scooping up the lagger. Scott told me that even tho Hemp was trying to be good and was taking his flanks, he was "pulling a Pleat" and shutting the the sheep down by catching their eye. I didn't see this so obviously there is something I need to be aware of. The difference between him and Pleat (we compair them alot) was that Pleat knew and enjoyed doing that to sheep and Hemp seemed bewildered by the results. He finally gripped a hock on the third leg and then had a very nice shed before he ran out of time. He got a 73 with no pen.
Laddie needed 2 redirects on his outrun which he took on the fly so I was pleased with that. The rest of his run wasn't fancy but like Hemp he made all his panels. He came in on his first attempt at the shed but his sheep were jumpy and the two took off to the exhaust so Lad didn't commit to his single and had to go get the sheep and bring them back to the ring. His second attempt was good but his sheep raced back to the exhaust and hit the gate and opened it. Lad got right under their nose and stopped them from getting in with their buddies and worked them back to the ring and then we took them to the pen and put them in. His final score was a 74.
They postponed the nursery until tomorrow. Pray for less rain.

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