Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chinquapinwood Trial '10 - Day Two

Day two weather was, if possible, even nicer. Cool but sunny and almost no wind today. Lad was the first of our dogs to go and although he was underflanking a little, it was really pilot error. I asked him for an away flank on the fetch to get the panels and he underflanked just enough to miss it but I just had a little slower reaction time and I should have been able to fix it. He made the rest of his panels, but my crossdrive was low and hurt me. We had a split, pen and then single a collared sheep today. Lad did very well on both of his sheds but only got an 84 today (out of 110).
Scott had a great run with Don. Really nice with great lines and made all his panels. Not much else to say about it because there wasn't too much wrong. His score was a 102 and stayed in the lead until the end of the day when his mother, Star, and Alasdair MacRae topped him by one point.
I was hoping to get some points on Hemp but he wasn't going to play today. He wasn't listening to my "there" whistles and was just running too free on his flanks. Just before the fetch panels he almost headed them and I never really got them exactly on the line the rest of the way. It continued on the drive when I got mad and abandoned the "there" all together and just went with hard stops. I actually had my nicest crossdrive of the weekend but I didn't like the way he was running. When we got to the first shed, he was slicing and when I called him in, he never really took control. He was lazy about it. I decided to retire but I was not happy with him, especially since he really needs those points for the finals.
Scott didn't have a great run with Maid but it wasn't the worst run either.

Maid turning the post
She was better than yesterday and Scott kept her pretty tightly controlled. She made her fetch and drive panels and had a good line to the crossdrive but it was a tad high and 3 sheep skimmed the high side of the panel while just one went through.

Maid and Scott on the split
Both her shed's were good and her final score was a 96 which was good enough for 9th place.

Scott and Maid on the single
Tomorrow we have the "Ranch" class which is going to be a class within a class for nursery dogs and ranch dogs.

Open 2

1. Alasdair MacRae and Star 103
2. Scott Glen and Don 102
3. Vergil Holland and Brook 101
4. Allan Hickenbottom and Vic 99
5. Alasdair MacRae and Nap 98
6. Bob Washer and Briggs 97
7. Emil Luedecke and Spot 97
8. Marianna Schreeder and Nan 97
9. Scott Glen and Maid 96
10. Jim Valley and Lita 96

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