Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shaker Village '10 - Day Three

I'm sorry. I have no scores. It's so wet that there was no way for me to write them down! There has been more rain here than I have ever seen. Don't get me wrong. We are still having a good time! It's really fun to try the difficult sheep on the hilly course. It's just so wet and boggy that we are uncomfortable. Quite a few people didn't get to run their dogs today due to the fact that the one lane bridge that leads across the creek flooded and no one could get in or out of the trial area. (Except Bob Washer who walked and waded through the water to get up here and run his two dogs at the end of the day - then, he walked and waded back!) Still, there was roughly 50 dogs run. Our poor judge, Lyle Lad was stuck judging from a golf cart with a tarp around it but she gamely stepped out of her only protection to make sure she was able to see over the hills to judge the dogs.
To make a long story short, Scott and Don tied with Paul Tucker and Rick with a 94. They had a run off for first place and Donnie won!
As for the rest of the dogs - Kuro was awesome in the nursery and he just gets better all the time and seems to have tons of confidence. I'm sure he will qualify any day now.
Sweep/Jr. - crossed over on his outrun but then had a great run around the course.
Maid didn't have a bad run but gripped a little in the shed as the sheep ran back to the exhaust. I don't know if she was called on it.
Hemp worked wonderfully. I was so happy for him as he marched those sheep around with good flow and went every where I asked him to.
Lad was also good and ran at the very end of the day with extremely difficult sheep (and had a good outrun!) who didn't want to move and wanted to go in all directions when they did move. Lad kept them together and still kept his lines and finished well.
In a couple of days I will try to bug Leigh Ann for the scores to post but it's going to take a little time for them to get out of here and cleaned up so I won't rush them.
Shaker Village has been wonderful too. They have been monitoring the water over the bridge and comped rooms at their hotel for stranded handlers. They have also been trying to find a way to get food over here. (we have plenty for ourselves)
Keep your fingers crossed that the water goes down tomorrow!


Donna Brinkworth said...

Congrats to Scott and Don!

Jeanne said...

Go Scott, Go Don!! Way to go!! Weather must be crazy to impress Northwesterners:0)

Monique said...

Big congrats!! Good luck swimming out!

Welsh shepherdess said...

Awesome. Well done Donnie. Go Kuro!

Gregory said...

Glad to read things are going well for you both. I'll miss you guys this time, but I'm home on June 10th for a month. Hope to see you then. Happy Trials!

Greg Glen