Monday, May 10, 2010

Chinquapinwood Trial '10 - Day Three

The great weather has held out for the last day of this trial. Today we had the "ranch" class which was a combo of nursery and Open Ranch.
All our dogs did nicely with maybe the exception of Meg who didn't find her sheep until Scott walked out and helped her. (but once she found the sheep she looked really good) There is a hill then a dip and then the sheep are spotted on the next hill so it's not an easy outrun which makes us proud of the dogs who did get out there.
Jr./Sweep was first and had a good outrun but then was a little crazy on the fetch and not very clean on the drive.

Scott and Jr. turn the post
He did have a nice pen though and earned a 60 which placed him in 8th place in the Open Ranch but didn't get him a leg in the nursery.
Kuro was next and was very good. He had a nice outrun and fetch and drive BUT just in front of the crossdrive panels he took a wrong flank (there was alot of pull on the high side of the drive panels and many dogs messed up at the panels when they tried to cover) and missed the panels just short but then had a good pen.

Kuro on the last leg of the drive
He ended up with a 71 which put him 4th in the Ranch but SECOND in the nursery and got him his first leg towards the finals!
Roxy ran in only the Ranch class and with one redirect on the fly she made it out on the outrun.

Roxy turning the crossdrive and starting the third leg of the drive
After a little time to settle on the fetch she finished well and ended up with a 67 and a 6th place.
Last to run was Sava who had heavy sheep. Despite that she pushed on and did her best. Her final score was a 53.

Scott and Sava spot sheep
Tomorrow we move over to Masterson Park and the Bluegrass starts on Wednesday!

Ranch Class - 43 dogs

1. Vergil Holland and Scott 79
2. Bob Washer and Spain 75
3. Mary Thompson and Rio 72
4. Scott Glen and Kuro 71
5. Nancy Schreeder and Fox 67
6. Scott Glen and Roxy 67
7. Vickey Russel and Devi 65
8. Scott Glen and Sweep 60
9. Jan Thompson and Hannah 56
10. Allan Hickenbottom and Jill 56

Nursery Class
- 23 dogs
1. Robin French and Bill 79
2. Scott Glen and Kuro 71
3. Mary Thompson and Frost 71
4. Maureen Robinson Hellbender 68
5. Chris Chambers and Molly 67

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Yay Kuro. Good girl Sava, I miss ya!