Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stirling Acres Trial - Open and Nursery Day Two

Day Two was overcast, and cool with the same heavy winds that remind us of home.
June ran first in the open and really did well.  She smoothed out today and other than Scott turning the drive away panel just a little short, she had a wonderful run.  Despite that, she scored a 90 and placed 5th.
Hemp was also nice today.  His fetch improved and he held a nice line until his crossdrive.  I expected he would do his normal line once I placed him on it so I looked over to the panels to assess our position on the line and when I looked back, he was wandering around off the line.  It hurt us with the loss of the points and we ended up in 7th place with an 88.
Donnie looked wonderful. There wasn't anything that needed changing with his run, EXCEPT, Scott misjudged the crossdrive panel and missed it high.  The rest of the run was very nice and they scored a 92 and placed 3rd.
Laddie was also good today and had a fetch that was dead on with almost no help from me.  However, on his drive away, I assumed he'd take his usual short flank after we made the panels and I blew him around to start the crossdrive, but I was wrong and he took a big fast one that put them back through the panels.  This hurt very badly and we lost 12 points on the drive, dropping us to 14th place and got an 82.
George Stambulic and Kate (Pleat daughter - Bliss' mother) handily won the class with the high score of 94!
The wind really picked up for the nursery class but it didn't really affect their hearing.  Skippy ran well and placed 3rd, getting his first nursery leg.
Louanne Twa's Gus
Louanne Twa's Gus, a son of Scott's Don was second in the nursery class
 (Don son, Alice littermate) got his first leg with second place and Alice won the class getting her qualifying leg for the Nationals.
Erin had a much better run today and placed 4th, just out of the points, and Scott used the run to help Ben learn how to lift off a stranger and walked up the field to help him.
Diane Pagel's Ben
 Ford was antsy in the blind and charged hard on the fetch, not backing off when I told him.  He had to be told to stop walk, stop flank and had no smoothness. 
Ford on the fetch - photo by Lee Lumb
His drive away and crossdrive were fine but after he made his crossdrive panels, he wouldn't take his comebye flank to bring them back to me.  Some people felt the wind caused him not to hear me but if that was so, he was the only dog of 13 dogs that had that problem.  Because yesterday, he had taken the wrong flank on both drive panels after making them, I believe that he felt an uncomfortable pressure and didn't want to take it.  I finally got him to start the flank but then he pulled out and drove them up the field so I walked off and made him behave.
Many thanks to Lee Lumb and Brian Revel (and Carly) for a great and beautiful trial!
Our host, Lee Lumb and her 14 1/2 year old Shay keep an eye on the trial
 We loved it!

Open II (44 dogs) 
1. George Stambulic and Kate 94
2. Thad Buckler and Nic 93
3. Scott Glen and Don 92
4. Carol Nelson and Zip 92
5. Scott Glen and June 90
6. Lee Lumb and Cass 89
7. Jennifer Glen and Hemp 88
8. George Stambulic and Nan 87
9. Bob Stephens and Pete 84
10. Charmane Henderson and Reo 83

Overall Open: Scott Glen and Don
Don's overall Open buckle and ribbon donated by the Schweb family.

Nursery II (13 dogs)
1. Scott Glen and Alice
2. Louanne Twa and Gus
3. Scott Glen and Skip

Overall Nursery: Carol Nelson and Tiki

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Alice said...

Congratulations to Scott and Alice on coming in first! Nice to hear that my namesake is doing well!
Alice ( Sara D's friend)