Friday, April 26, 2013

Coldstream Trial - Pro Novice

After a long cold winter, Western Canadians wake up from their hibernation to see what their dogs are doing at the Coldstream trial at Lee Lumb's beautiful farm in BC.  It's warm and green and we run on farm flock, hair sheep on a flat field.  The left hand outrun has a draw for the sheep near the top, which caused a few dogs to pull up short, and the right hand outrun has alot of water - ALOT of water that several geese were bathing in and it slogged the dogs down on their path. Today's judging was done by Chris Hanson, and assuming her flight finally gets in tonight (it was canceled at first), tomorrow's runs of Open and Nursery, will be Vicki Kidd.
Because of the large entry (a good problem to have in Western Canada where we rarely fill trials) you could run Pro Novice or Nursery but not both.  Today's Pro Novice had 34 dogs. The sheep were hard to settle at the top so there were alot of free bees on the lifts but after that, the sheep were great. Both of Bliss' runs were nice and Scott was happy with her and she placed 5th in her first run and 7th in her second run. 
Bliss on the fetch
The first round was won by Bliss' littermate, Penny Ohanjanian's Druid, a son of Scott's Don and George Stambulic's Kate (a daughter of Scott's Pleat).

Pro Novice I (34 dogs)
1. Penny Ohanjanian and Druid  83
2. Pam Boring and Bob 83
3. Gord Lazzarotto and Oakley 81
4. Lee Lumb and Rando
5. Scott Glen and Bliss 77
6. Jennifer MacDonnell and Boomer 75
7. , 8. Lee Lumb and Gus 74
          Wayne Roberts and Rex 74
9. Louanne Twa and Craig 71
10., 11. Gord Lazzaroto and Chica 70
             Lynne Schweb and Toss 70

Pro Novice II (34 dogs)
1. Lee Lumb and Gus 86
2. Lynne Schweb and Toss 79
3. Doe Shires and Dottie 78
4. Sue Wessles and Skid 77
5. Louanne Twa and Craig 76
6. Wayne Roberts and Rex 75
7. Scott Glen and Bliss 75
8. Gord Lazzaroto and Oakley 72
9., 10. Doe Shires and Hawk 71
           Pam Boring and Bob 71

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