Thursday, April 11, 2013

CWS Alice

Scott's second nursery dog this year is, Alice.
CWS Alice owned by Alta-Pete Stockdogs
 Alice was born in November of 2011 so she will actually be nursery next year too.  This year will be a practice year, but she has shown a maturity that might make her competitive.
Her mother is Wendy Schmaltz's Gin (2010 All Around Stockdog) who is a daughter of  Ian Zoerb's tough bitch, Gyp and Denis Nagel's Finn.  Finn was a son of Milton Scott's Sue and Scott's Alta-Pete Dan going back to Scott's original Sweep.
Alice's father is Scott's Don (2011 Canadian Champion, 2010 USBCHA Nursery Champion) who is a son of the three time USBCHA National champion, Star.
We were very excited about this breeding and the first time this cross was done, we got Mikey who we were impressed with enough to get Alice out of the second breeding.
Alice working this Spring at Alta-Pete Farm
There are a few other dogs in this cross from both litters, Wendy's, Kelly and Kye,(the father to my 7 month old pup, Try),  Brian Nelson's, Jake, and Louanne Twa's, Gus, who are also looking good and will be starting in nursery this year.
A dog with an early interest in working is no guarantee of greatness, but it was nice to see that at the mere age of 8 weeks, Alice was not only interested in working sheep, she was balancing them to a handler. 
Alice eying up sheep at 8 weeks old
Her interest only grew and as she started to mature, Scott put more and more time on to her and she absorbed the training like a sponge.
 We are looking forward to watching her develop in her first nursery year and her first trial will be Lee Lumb's Stirling Acres trial in BC, in just a few weeks.

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