Friday, August 26, 2011

Canadian Championship - Day Two

I have to say I'm not as happy a camper as I was yesterday. Laddie had a very good time to run but he didn't get to his sheep. He went out well and then went down into a gully as expected but never came out of it. He went right on past them and despite my walk ups, flanks and recalls I never saw him until I was told he was behind the spectators. Very disappointing to say the least.
I missed Maid's run because I had to take some of our dogs for their CEA DNA test. It sounded rough and Scott said it was but he ended up with an 82 and it will be certain to get her into the double lift on Sunday.
That was the end of our open runs today. We finish up the rest of the runs tomorrow morning. Scott and Don have a good early draw. Unfortunately, Hemp drew in the blazin' heat and I just can't bring myself to believe yesterday's run was anything but a fluke. I'm going into the run with no expectations. (ok, that's not true. If you know me, my expectations will be of failure but I'm tired of people telling me they are tired of my low expectations so I'll just say I'm going in with a blank slate)
We ran the first run of the Nursery finals with the rest of our time today. June was first out of the gate and the sheep were something none of these babies have ever seen. She was fast and on the muscle but ended up with a 72 and in second place to Amanda Milliken's 75. With a cumulative score going to determine the winner, this is not a bad place to be.
Reba was equally quick on these sheep but did what she was told and got a 71 right behind June. Fingers crossed that the girls can jump ahead tomorrow!

Scott and Reba discuss the set out

Reba was so fast on her flank she almost ran into the horse!

Reba and Scott pen

Judge Faansie Basson's dogs cool off in the water tub after a practice run in the evening.

Nursery 1
1. Amanda Milliken and Dorey 75
2. Scott Glen and June 72
3. Scott Glen and Reba 71
4. Denis Gellings and Tess 68
5. Denis Gellings and Gin 67
6. Bev Lambert and Joe 61
7. Lee Lumb and Cass 54
8. , 9. (Tie not broken)
Vickie Close and Jess 52
Lynn Schweb and Toss 52
10. Lorna Savage and Tyler 50

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