Monday, May 30, 2011

Dr. Ben's 2011 Nursery 2, Open Ranch

Today is horribly hot and humid but it was a short day so all the dogs are now cooled down and relaxing in the shade. The second Nursery class ran today and an Open Ranch class. June and Reba got some schooling in their classes today but even with that, they managed to pull off some placings. June got a 69 in the Nursery class and took 3rd place but had some trouble in the Open Ranch with her outrun. She tends to take off from Scott's side before he sends her and he is trying to break her of it. In the process, he didn't have her set up exactly right for a good outrun and she needed some shouting out.
Tam needed some redirects on his outrun in the nursery but had a nice fetch and the start of a good drive but the terrain confused him a little and he ended up retiring.
Reba and Scott looked like they were going to win the Open Ranch class until Cy Peterson (Reba's owner) ran Kellee (who Scott trained over the winter) and they laid down a run good enough for an 82 and the win! Yea Cy and Kellee!
Today's shining star was Bracken! She needed a couple of redirects on her outrun but then had a sweet lift and marched them along on their drive. She got a 69 which was good enough for second place and her second leg for the nursery nationals!

NURSERY 2 (14 dogs)
1. Maureen Robinson and Hell Bender 73
2. Scott Glen and Bracken 69
3. Scott Glen and June 69
4. Marianna Schreeder and Cass 68
5. Vicky Wilcox and Moss 66

OPEN RANCH (22 dogs)
1. Cy Peterson and Kellee 82
2. Scott Glen and Reba 81
3. Marianna Schreeder and Cass 77
4. Christine Koval and Tess 74
5. Jan Thompson and Sara 73
6. Sally Glei and Sid 69
7. Lisa Roberts and Kat 68
8. Ginger Bruton and Sweep 67
9. Vicky Wilcox and Moss 66
10. Pam Hellen and Ellie 64

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