Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bluegrass 2011 Day

The Bluegrass got off to an early soggy start. The temperature hovered around 51F all day. (tomorrow is supposed to heat up to 71 and overcast)
The star of the day for us has to be Cy Peterson's Reba,

Reba on the fetch
run by Scott who not only placed second in her nursery class but also got her second leg and is now qualified for the Nursery Nationals!

Reba and Scott turning the post
Reba needed a redirect and her first flank was difficult but after that, she figured it out and had a very nice run, getting all her panels and a good pen.
Louanne Twa's Bracken, run by Scott had a rough start to her run with a crossover and then she didn't listen very well. Scott decided to throw the run to make sure she'd settle down for her next run, and he went up the field to let her know he was unhappy.

Bracken in the nursery
In her next run in the Pro Novice, she had a completely different attitude and had a nice outrun but had a horrible ewe who wasn't going to stay with the others. While the first two tried to walk around the course, the other ewe just wanted to stand and eat and would dodge around Bracken to stop and get some grass. Bracken did a nice job of regrouping her but when she just wouldn't play nice after going around the post, Scott called her run. He didn't want her to get any ideas about gripping on the field.
Louanne Twa ran her littermate to Bracken, Craig, that Scott trained this winter.

Craig on the fetch in the nursery
They had a pretty good run for Craig's first trial ever and successfully closed the pen gate but didn't get a leg for the nationals yet.

Louanne and Craig at the pen
Scott also ran Diane Pagel's Tam. Tam crossed on his outrun but was game to try the rest of the course.
Tam running in the rain
Scott trained on him through the fetch and the drive and used up most of his time before walking off. In his afternoon run in the ProNovice, Tam was better and although he struggled with his lines on the fetch and drive, he had a nice outrun so we will hope for better with him tomorrow.
June did a nice job although a little speedy but I don't think she ended up getting a qualifying run. We'll keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow.
Maid's run in the open was just crazy. Not that it was Maid's fault. She was actually keeping her head and staying smooth but she just had an insane set that ran as fast as they could, anywhere they could. She did her best to corral them but didn't get a single panel. She had a dicey but good shed and a pretty easy pen. With all the 60 and 70 scores, if she could lay down a good one in the next round. She could still have a chance of making the double lift.
Tomorrow I run Lad and Hemp in their first round of open and Scott runs Don. In addition, the nursery dogs will have another go and so will the Pro Novice dogs.
They are late getting the scores up but they will have them as soon as they can on:


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