Thursday, March 12, 2009


Susan Gilbert and David Titcomb's Tuque
Tuque is the next dog that Scott will be running in the nurseries this year. Of all the dogs she is the most world traveled. She was bred by Geri Byrne of Oregon and is out of her Ted. Ted came from Con McGarry and goes back to Vic Morris' Mac the 1994 English National winner. Tuque's mother is Geri's Lynn who was imported from Derek Scrimgeour and is a daughter of his old Sweep. Originally, Tuque was purchased by Angie Driscoll and Kelvin Broad and was brought up to Alberta, Canada to live with them.

Tuque working at our Alta-Pete Farm
However, shortly after purchasing her, Angie and Kelvin moved to the UK. Tuque was too young to go with them and stayed behind with us, coming along on our travels in the US, until she was old enough to travel to Scotland. While living across the pond, Kelvin put Tuque's early foundation on her but shortly after, sold her to Susan Gilbert and David Titcomb of Wyoming. So back to the country of her birth came Tuque. She lived with Susan and David until this past fall when she came to Scott for her winter training.

Tuque controlling her sheep
Tuque is a very fast dog and Scott says she melts the snow behind her on her outruns. Because of her confidence and abilities, he offered to trial Tuque for Susan and David for her nursery year.


Nancy O said...

boy, that was alot to keep straight.
Is she a littermate to Annie that Geri has?
Is she same way bred as Fleece that Derek has?

Jenny Glen said...

I don't know about Annie but I know she is the same way bred as Derek's Fleece and Angie's Meg - just from a younger litter.

Welsh shepherdess said...

Tuque is a litter sister to Annie, and a sister to Meg and Fleece but a year younger than these two. Both Meg and Fleece are Open trial winners in the UK - and winning in good company!