Sunday, March 15, 2009

Heppner Day Two

Unofficial placings from the first round of Open:
(ties have not been broken)
1. Scott Glen and Maid
2. Patrick Shannahan and Riggs
3. Scott Glen and Roo
4./5. Donna Eliasen and Zach
Scott Glen and Drift
6. Noel Williams and Gael
7./8. Karen Child and CBK Rock
Lana Rowley and Blue
9./10. Noel Williams and Nap
Francis Chai and Belle

Nursery first round:
1. Diane Deal and Annie
2. Patrick Shannahan and Andy
3. Patrick Shannahan running Bobbie Anderson's Tater

Scott said the wind and rain were in your face today on and off. He swore it seemed to come in every time he went to the post but then relaxed when he was done running. Drift did well in his first run today but the second run for the second round of open was not as good. The sheep are pulling hard to the exhaust and at the crossdrive gate the sheep fooled Scott. He thought they would go through but just squirted to the side at the last minute. He did finish his course but with a wide turn around the post and a bad start to the drive, he didn't think they were going to place as high in the second round. Roo was sitting second at the end of the day with a 78 but Scott didn't think it was going to hold that place. He missed a fetch gate today. Maid and Lucy will run tomorrow but currently Lana Rowley and Blue are in the lead.
In today's nursery, Scott felt that Tuque definitely handled the sheep better. The sheep kept trying her on the drive and continuing to stop and stare at her but today she walked into them. Scott said that it took too much time to get around and at the end the sheep whipped by the crossdrive gates just short of them. Scott saw that they were running out of time and the sheep ran by the pen to the exhaust. They gave him a retire which is not what he actually did but the score wasn't going to be competitive so it didn't matter. He said if the sheep are as difficult tomorrow he might not run the nursery again.
Happily, I can report that Don won today! However, Scott said this nursery was a little too hard for his young dogs but he did say that Patrick Shannahan's dogs were handling them well.
Day 2 nursery placings:
1. Scott Glen and Don
2. Patrick Shannahan and Andy
3. Karen Stanley and Clare

Tomorrow should be a shorter day with the last runs of open to go and the final run of nursery

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