Friday, March 6, 2009

DeltaBluez Lucy

Lucy is owned by Diane Pagel.

DeltaBluez Lucy
Scott is only going to run Lucy one time, in the Heppner trial next weekend but I thought I'd better mention her so people will know who she is. Diane bred and trained her and qualified her for the nursery nationals. She also did a little trialing on cattle. Lucy came to Scott this winter to finish her training and get her ready to compete in open with Diane.

Lucy working near the Alta-Pete Barn
Lucy's mother is a daughter of Scott's Pleat and Diane's Tess and her father was a son of Diane's Libbi. Lucy is a very nice and biddable dog. She will return home to Delta Bluez kennels after the Heppner trial to run in open with Diane.


Monique said...

Nice pictures Jenny! Thanks for posting about Lucy.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Jenny, you rock, yet once again. You folks have the highest standard in training!!

We all want Lucy to kick some but at Heppner!!