Monday, April 7, 2014


Scott Johnson's Tap is Scott's next nursery dog
Scott Johnson's Tap
Tap was bred by Stewart Harvard of Alabama.  Although Stewart does not trial anymore, he breeds dogs that are currently competing successfully in  high levels in both sheep and cattle trials.  Tap's father, Rye and several other dogs in his pedigree go back to Stewart's dogs and Tap's Mother, Finn does too.  Finn is a full sister to Debbie Bailey's Huck and Camp who were sired by her Ben.  Tap is actually double bred back to Ben, who was a top producer,  and was a descendant of Dale Montgomery's Huck and Tim and Dodie Green's ABCA hall of fame bitch, Soot.
Debbie Bailey's Ben, grandfather and great-grandfather of Tap - photo by Christine Koval
Tap has a great birth date in July of 2012 which makes him aged just right for next year's nurseries too.  Scott will be running him through May and will be returning him to Scott Johnson after Dr. Ben's trial in North Carolina. 
Off stock Tap is an easy going, polite dog but on stock he is all about confidence.  He has the right amount of eye that makes him stylish and precise and alot of fun to work. He also has the honesty to gear down to a handler that is not quite ready for his forward. (I worked him to take pictures today and Scott better hold on tight to him so I don't steal him!)
Tap working this Spring
Tap's first trial will be in the Nursery class at Lee Lumb's Stirling Acres Trial at the end of April.

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