Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Scott's next nursery dog is Scott Kelso's Joe.
Scott Kelso's Joe
Scott will be running Joe through May and he will return to Scott Kelso after Dr. Ben's trial in North Carolina.
Joe was bred by Bev Lambert and is out of her Awel (Nell).  Nell was imported from Wales and goes back twice to Aled Owen's first Roy (1999 ISDS Champion).  On the other side, Joe's lines are so strong to Western Canadian dogs that one would think he'd finally come home when he came to Alberta for training this Winter.  His father is Bev's Joe, who's mother is Dennis Gellings's Jan the 2009 Canadian Champion.
Dennis Gellings and Jan (Joe's grandmother) winning the 2009 Canadian Championships
Jan was bred by Pam Boring and is from Pink Mountain, BC (that's WAY up there). Joe also goes back to Norm Sommer's Gyp and JoAnne Zoerb's Mik.
JoAnne Zoerb's Mik at Meeker -photo by TK inc
Joe K. is only 16 months old so most of his classes will be in the Pro-Novice with a few Nursery classes thrown in on the easier fields.  The idea is to build his confidence this year so that when Scott Kelso has him back, he can be ready for next year's nursery classes.

Joe Kelso working sheep this Winter
Joe is a biddable and keen worker with a great stop and nice open flanks.  His first trial will be at the end of April at the Stirling Acres Trial in BC.


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