Monday, March 17, 2014

Imp. Ben

One of Scott's main nursery dogs this year is Diane Pagel's Imp. Ben.
Diane Pagel's Imp. Ben
Ben is an import from England (through Angie Driscoll in Wales) who's father is Bobby Dalziel's Joe.
Joe was the 2009 and 20011 Scottish National Champion and the 2006 International Supreme Champion.
Bobby Dalziel's Joe - photo by Angie Driscoll

Ben was bred by Mrs. G. Bharakhda of Stowmarket England and is out of her Pippa.
Ben working sheep this Winter

Scott had Ben in for training last Winter and trialed him a little bit in Nursery.  He got one leg towards the nursery finals but his first year of training was mostly for experience and this year will be his main year.  However, Scott liked him enough to put his June bitch to him and we kept two of the pups.  We will be eager to see how they take to training, next season.
Ben is a stylish dog with good pace and Scott is looking forward to trialing him.
Ben's first competition will be at the end of April at Lee Lumb's Stirling Acres Trial in BC.

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