Saturday, March 22, 2014

CWS Flint

Scott's third nursery dog is Jeanne Boudrieau's Flint.
Jeanne Boudrieau's CWS Flint
Flint's breeding is one I am very familiar with because it is one of my favorites.  I wish we could take credit for it but actually it goes to Wendy Schmaltz, who's bitch, Gin is the mother. Gin's pedigree reads like a who's who of the old Alberta lines.  She is a daughter of Denis Nagel's Finn and Ian Zoerb's Gyp and  is granddaughter of Scott's Dan.  She also goes back to Scott's Old Sweep, Milton Scott's Sue and Jack Regier's Tweed.  Gin was 4th in the 2010 USBCHA National finals and was the 2010 All Around Stockdog - that was the only year the All Around was won by a dog who made the double lift in both the sheepdog finals and the cattledog finals.
Wendy Schmaltz's Gin - mother to Flint
Flint's father is Scott's Don who is a son of three time USBCHA National Champion, Star.  Don was the Canadian and US Nursery Champion, the Canadian Champion, and in 2013, the Bluegrass Champion and the USBCHA National Finals Champion.
2013 USBCHA National Finals Champion Don - the father of Flint
This cross of Gin and Don has been done three times.  The first litter produced Wendy's Ky and my Mike (who I will blog on later), the second cross produced Louanne Twa's Gus, Scott's Alice (2013 USBCHA Nursery Champion) and Jeanne's Flint.  The final cross gave us only one puppy, Anne, who is only 4 months old right now.
Don with some of his Gin pups, L-R - Don, Mike, Flint and Alice
Flint got his start a little later than his littermates but is making up for it now.  He's a little more pushy than the others and although he wants to be a teammate,(and is a big squishy-softy off sheep) he keeps you on your toes when he's working.
Flint working this Winter
Flint's first trial will be at Lee Lumb's Stirling Acres trial in BC at the end of April.

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