Monday, September 3, 2012

Soldier Hollow Double Lift 2012

First things first!  Congratulations to Jack Knox with Jim for winning the 2012 Soldier Hollow Classic.  Scott's run is probably better told in pictures so I have put quite a few up here but I'll just mention a little about it.  He had a good first outrun with one very nice bend out (it was common to give a few of them) and a good fetch.  He had difficulty on his turn back and on his second fetch his sheep tried to join up with the first lot waiting at the bottom of the field while they were still at the top of the field.  So his fetch lost quite a few points.  After that, they had a nice drive and a good shed but when they got down to one they had trouble cutting her out - well, they didn't have trouble cutting her out, they just had trouble keeping her out.  She kept coming back.  Once they got her out, they had a nice pen and ended up with the silver medal!
Tommy Wilson and Sly (rumored to be retiring this year) took home the bronze - congrats, Tommy!
Another run worth mentioning was Faansie Basson's with Don.  It was a very nice run.
Scott and Don preparing for their run
Scott and Don spot the first lot of sheep
Don catches his first lot of sheep to put them through the fetch panels
Don brings his joined sheep towards the post
Don holds off a collared sheep
Then Scott danced a little with her
Scott and Don pen the sheep
The pipers start the medals ceremony
Scott, Jack and Tommy on the medals stand
Scott and Donnie with their silver medals


Monique said...

Now that's a classy trio on the podium! Huge congrats.

WildFlower said...

I love the first picture of Scott and Don preparing for their run! LOL! Congrats to all!