Saturday, September 1, 2012

Soldier Hollow - Day Two

The sheep are winning against us.  Once again we didn't get a dog qualified for the double lift.  It was June's chance today.
Despite June not scoring, she did better than we expected.  I must confess, we thought these sheep would make her mad enough to bite right from the top but she didn't.  She lifted nicely and controlled them at the start but got off line before the panels as the sheep tried to bust back up the hill.
June made her fetch panels and continued on down the hill and made a good turn.  The sheep tried to string out on the drive line because the front three were hoping to make it back up the hill again but the last two were content to stop and graze.  June worked her tail off to keep them all moving and still didn't grip  as she hazed them through the drive panels.
 They got off line a little on her crossdrive, moving low on the hill and they made the crossdrive panels with some difficulty.
June brought them into the shedding ring on the line and they had a quick shed.
They hurried to the pen and Scott got the gate open with time to get it finished but on the way, June gave a quick low grip on the hock, just like her dad did the day before.  Unfortunately, the judge deemed June's grip unnecessary because the sheep were moving at a good pace and she was called off for a grip.
Tomorrow Scott runs Don at a good time in the morning. 5th up.  Fingers crossed. 
June runs 24th which should be around 1:30PM
Laddie runs in a not so great time (but we've done well in this spot before) at 29th.
Today's scores are HERE

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