Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hilltop trial Day 3

Today's weather was much nicer.  It was warm but a breeze kept it comfortable.  The breeze did cause a little bit of trouble on the course but it wasn't too bad. They moved the course around so we could run it from a different angle and have a right hand outrun today.  Oddly, it made the drive away almost as difficult as the previous day's crossdrive especially in the nursery classes.
The sheep had improved alot by today so there were many more finished runs.
Scott was judging the open today so Don and June got the day off.
Lad and Hemp performed admirably and although they both missed their fetch panels, they did both get their shed and pen.  Yes, you heard me, Hemp got another pen!  He ran well today but was a little pushy on the outwork.   The boys performed well enough that they both will be running in the double lift tomorrow!
Wynn had a good run again but didn't get his pen.
Bliss did get her pen and should be near the top of her class but they won't be posting the scores until tomorrow.
Bliss is still in first for the overall nursery with Louanne and Mack right behind her.
We also had a silent gather today. Scott and Don won it.  Although Hemp's line was the best of everyone's, he brought them too fast for the judge's taste.
Double lift tomorrow judged by Norm Close and a driving competition
I am off to the potluck!

Open 3 (26 dogs)
1. Dale Montgomery and Ben 82
2. Peter Gonnett and Taff 80
3. Chris Jobe and Gwen 78
4.Jennifer Glen and Hemp 77
5. Joanne Zoerb and Brae 77
6. Jennifer Glen and Lad 77
7. Randy Dye and Tuck 77
8. Randy Dye and Sweep 74
9. Norm Sommer and Lexie 72
10. Joanne Zoerb and Soot 72

Double lift qualifiers (not a running order)
1. Scott Glen and Don
2. Norm Sommer and Lexie
3. Ian Zoerb and Sam
4. Scott Glen and June
5. Dale Montgomery and Ben
6. Peter Gonnett and Taff
7. Jennifer Glen and Hemp
8. Chris Jobe and Fly
9. Jennifer Glen and Lad
10. Joanne Zoerb and Brae

A very helpful guardian dog pointed the way to the drive panels. (photo by Louanne Twa)

Hemp coming through in the shed (photo by Louanne Twa)
HEMP PENS!! (photo by Louanne Twa)
Scott prepares to send Wynn in the nursery
Wynn on the fetch
Local farm kids help in set out (photo by Louanne Twa)


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