Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hilltop Trial 2012 - day two

Ugg.  Today was hot.  We were melting. 90F but thankgoodness not much humidity.  I couldn't even summon the energy to take pictures (especially since someone's dog kept me up last night and I was sleepy).
The sheep were better today but that's comparative to yesterday and no one was done any favors by running in the evening.  They added a minute to the time and more pens were made today but there was only one person to make the dreaded crossdrive panel and that was Wendy Schmaltz. (I'm sure she cheated).  Peter welched on his pay out and Wendy went home with no extra money.
Scott and Donnie looked good again today and again won it.
Norm Sommer and Lexi looked good again today and again got second place.
This meant that whoever was third and fourth today were going to qualify for the double lift since Lexi and Don qualified on the first day too.
Third place went to Ian and Sam.  Sam kept things very quiet today and looked really good going around the course.
Fourth place went to June and Scott (they tied Dale Montgomery and Ben but won on outwork).  June had a nice run but no pen- very close though.
Hemp ran in the windy time of day and although his outrun, lift and the start of his fetch were good, the bottom of his fetch and his drive were pretty bad. Although his pace was good, he kept looking at me for direction but didn't hear most of what I told him.  However, he had a good shed and most importantly A GOOD PEN!!!  If you have been following Hemp's progress you will know that the only time he gets a pen is if the sheep run right into it. Today, it was a hard pen but he had nice flanks and was very calm and his run was even when it was hot out which is usually when he can't remember how to stop.  I was blown away by him and so proud.  Right now he is in second place in the cumulative scores for the double lift.  They only take your top 2 scores so he has a good chance if no one blows him out of the water tomorrow. (top 4 cumulative go to the double lift)
Laddie ran 3rd to last and had a terrible draw.  There wasn't much good left in that set out pen by the time he ran so the run was pretty bad.  He drew a skinny old running ewe and a dopey, ears hanging down, old lagging ewe who would often just wander off away from the others.  Lad had to move back and forth between the two the whole run. He did a nice job of handling it even so and barely managed to get his shed before his time was called.
Wynn ran in the morning and had a very nice run winning both the nursery and pro novice (a class within a class) and Bliss was second in the nursery and third in the pro novice.  Those two are unlikely to have to face anything this difficult in the Nursery Nationals so it's nice that they proved that they could do it on these sheep.
Tomorrow Scott judges so pray for me!

Open 2 (26 dogs)
1. Scott Glen and Don 79
2. Norm Sommer and Lexi 74
3. Ian Zoerb and Sam 73
4. Scott Glen and June 70
5. Dale Montgomery and Ben 70
6. Chris Jobe and Fly 69
7. Joanne Zoerb and Soot 64
8. Jennifer Glen and Hemp 63
9., 10. (tie not broken)
Joanne Zoerb and Mick 62
Jennifer Glen and Lad 62

Pro Novice 1 (12 dogs)
1. Stormy Winters and Kate 51
2. Scott Glen and Nan 44

 Pro Novice 2 (12 dogs)
1. Scott Glen and Wynn 59
2. Ian Zoerb and Zen 59
3. Scott Glen and Bliss 55
4. Chris Jobe and Gwen 54
5. Stormy Winters and Kate 51
Overall Pro Novice winner: Stormy Winters and Kate

Nursery 1 (11 dogs)
1. Scott Glen and Bliss 33
2. Louanne Twa and Mack 26

Nursery 2 (12 dogs)
1. Scott Glen and Wynn 59
2. Scott Glen and Bliss 55
3. George Stambulic and Nan 50

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