Tuesday, August 17, 2010

National Finals Posters

I received a very threatening chain letter the other day that I thought I better pass on - and I think my trial blog is the place I can reach the most people.
It was sent by Donald McCaig, yes, that Donald McCaig, the one that wrote those awesome books, Nop's Trials, Nop's Hope (my favorite), and Eminent Dogs Dangerous Men.
It's pretty serious chain mail so pass it on. Come on! You want Scott to win the Nationals don't you?

Dear Border Collie Person, (or any other person!) Unlike most chain letters, don't send money with this letter. Like other chain letters, dire consequences will follow if you don't forward it to ten other doggy people. Maryln, of Oshkosh Wisconsin did NOT follow instructions and several weeks later, her dog FAILED TO WIN MEEKER!! Bill, of Purdah, Tennessee did and the very next day WON NOVICE NOVICE AT THE HIGHLAND TRIAL! Don't you want to win the National Finals? Of course you do. To ensure your victory, download this 2010 Finals Poster and email it to 10 doggy friends. (or post to your blog!)With this helpful, explanatory chain letter. Don't live in the east? All your friends are in Honolulu? So what, dummkopf: your friends have eastern friends don't they? Friends of friends yearning to attend the Finals if only they had a poster. WIN BIG: SEND THE POSTER.!!!
Donald McCaig

(you can click on the poster to read the small print)

And don't forget the FREE web cast...

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