Sunday, August 22, 2010

EID Classic '10 Double Lift

Double lift Sunday started out cold and rainy. Scott and Maid drew up second. Maid was very good but had an odd thing happen on her run. Her first outrun and lift was no problem with very little, if any points off. Her turn back was as nice as Pleat's used to be and looked super pretty. She lifted nice and then she got off line just slightly on the second fetch and it put her into a dip. Scott couldn't see her so he didn't flank her back on but Maid kept them moving and brought them up on line, right in front of the fetch panels. There was a little cheer from the crowd and they continued on their fetch, gathered the first group and started around the post. Before he actually got around, there was a sheep crying back down the field. We looked up and there were two more sheep, obviously left behind when they were in the dip (two cranky cheviots if you couldn't guess). Scott went back the way he came, gathered all the sheep together and then turned the post. It hurt him very badly on his second fetch. The rest of the run was uneventful except they had some difficulties getting the last sheep away from the collared ones and they never settled enough for her to get the pen. Her final score was a 125 and she placed 5th.
When Don ran it was a different type of day.

Don starting his second fetch
The sun came out and it was almost warm. Donnie had a great run and was his usual steady self. His turn back was great and he had good control on his drive.

Don starting the drive
It had appeared that the run was just about finished when they got the shed done with 8 minutes left to pen, but the judge felt that the last shed was out of the ring and asked Scott to reshed.

Don and Scott in the shed
After that the shed was not as clean and they didn't get the pen because the same ewe kept breaking away.

Donnie turning back a difficult ewe
Their final score was a 136 and they took the reserve championship.
The stars of the day were George Stambulic and Kate. They had a clean run and kept it calm. It was a beautiful shed and pen. Congratulations to George for winning it! (and on his recent marriage!).
Thank you to our hosts, Joanne and Ian who worked hard and put on a fun show!

Ian resting on the field

Double Lift (12 dogs)
1. George Stambulic and Kate 148
2. Scott Glen and Don 136
3. Bev Lambert and Hemp 130
4. Lee Lumb and Chica 130
5. Scott Glen and Maid 125

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