Thursday, February 11, 2010

Imp. Kuro

Scott's first nursery dog is Kuro owned by Diane Pagel of Delta Bluez kennels in Washington.

Diane Pagel's Imp. Kuro
Kuro is a son of Cheviot Jamie who won his first open trial at 11 months of age and since then has won over 25 open trials. Jamie was formerly owned by Bobby Dalziel of Scotland and is now owned by Angie Driscoll at Kinloch Sheepdogs in Wales.

Cheviot Jamie -photo by Angie Driscoll

Jamie goes back to Highgate Ben and Bwlch Hemp.
Kuro's mother, is a little black bitch named Bess from Ireland who goes back to Bobby's Wisp and Dryden Joe.
Kuro is a stylish young male who was born in December of 2007 and started his training in November of 2009.

Kuro working in the barnyard at Alta-Pete Farm
His first trial will be at the Plumb Lucky Mules trial in Missouri in mid April of this year.

Kuro controlling two troublesome sheep


Welsh shepherdess said...

Kuro has the looks of his mother but 'Jamie-style.' Lovely. Good luck with him on the trial field.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Wow, the gangly, goofy pup sure has grown up to be a nice dog!!

Monique said...

Best of luck! He's a charming dog - I miss him!

Camp said...

WOW! What a handsome dog. Can't wait to see him work.

Janet said...

He certainly has grown up! I just knew Kuro, aka "Spaghetti-Legs" would turn out to be a good looking dog! He was such a dork as a pup!

The Border Collies said...

Oh my! There's my little man. Where did all that hair come from? Holy cow!