Sunday, February 21, 2010

DJR Sweep

Sweep- AKA Jr.
Ok - there's Old Sweep, Alasdair's Sweep, Little Sweepy, and Jr. It can be a little confusing to keep them all straight. I'll make an attempt...
DJR Sweep, also known as Junior, is one of Scott's nursery prospects this year. Jr. is a son of Little Sweepy who used to be owned by Scott and was third in the 2005 USBCHA Nursery Nationals. He also made the double lift the next year placing sixth at the 2006 USBCHA Nationals. He was later sold to Don Russell of Missouri.

Scott and Little Sweepy - photo by Vickie Close
Little Sweepy was a son of Alasdair MacRae's Sweep who was a son of his Nan (the only dog to win both the ISDS International and the USBCHA Nationals) and Ben. (also a USBCHA National Champion) Little Sweepy's mother was a bitch named Dhu who was a daughter of Scott's Fly (2001 USBCHA Reserve National Champion) Fly was a daughter of Scott's Old Sweep, the foundation sire of Alta-Pete Stockdogs. Got that straight?
Jr.'s mother is Don's Ettrick Belle who goes back to Dryden Joe. (that side of the pedigree is easy)
Although he has the expression and color of his father (and his grandfather Sweep, and his great-grandmother, Nan!) Jr. is a much larger dog than his father. His confidence in his training is picking up and he seems to be one of those dogs who doesn't upset sheep.

Jr. in training at Alta-Pete Farm
Jr.'s first trial will be at the Plumb Lucky trial in Missouri, in mid April.


Sarah said...

i love junior!!! but then again i love a striking tri :)

good luck this year jr!

Louanne said...

He looks so pretty. grown up nice.

Camp said...

HOLY SMOKES..what a handsome young man..I believe he would fit right in my line up...!!!!