Friday, March 13, 2015

Alta-Pete Grassy

This Spring, Scott will be trialing a couple of home bred littermates.  The first of these two is Chris Soderstrom's Grassy.
Chris Soderstrom's Alta-Pete Grassy
Grassy was born on January 13, 2013 at our farm and is a son of Scott's Alta-Pete June (now owned by Frank Smith).
Grassy at 4 weeks old
Grassy's mother, June, is a tiny bitch with alot of heart and comes down from a long line of Alta-Pete bitches with grit and forward.  Her mother, Kelly Murningham's Megan, is a littermate to my Hemp and is  a daughter of Alta-Pete Megan a full sibling to Scott's National Champion, Pleat and Reserve National Champion, Tala. June's father is Scott's 2013 National Champion, Don - a son of 3 time National Champion, Star. June was bred raised and trained by Scott and was the Reserve Champion at Meeker in 2013.
Alta-Pete June, dam of Grassy
Grassy's father is Diane Pagel's Ben, a dog that Scott trialed in nursery last year.  Ben's father is Bobby Dalziel's International Champion, Joe.
Diane Pagel's Ben, father to Grassy
We have been very happy with this litter that includes, Scott's Dave (who will be profiled later), Ernesta Ballard's Bach, Diane Pagel's Fleece, and Erin O'Brien's Mosby.
Fleece, Joe, Dave, Bach and Grassy this Winter
Scott will be trialing Grassy in the nursery classes this spring.  His first trial will be at Lee Lumb's Stirling Acres trial in Cold Stream, BC at the end of April.

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