Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Heppner 2013

Scott took June and Don down to the St. Patrick's day trial at Heppner, OR last weekend.  This year the trial was so popular that they had to do a draw for each day.  Don drew up for both days, but June only ran on Saturday.
Photo of Scott and June by Diane Pagel
 The judge was Anne Mock.
They were on a new field and June was wide on her outrun (apparently several dogs did that) so once Scott got her pulled in, he fetched his sheep down and did one leg of the drive and then retired her to save the trial some time.
Don's run was taped on Saturday by Dave Imas (many thanks, Dave) and you can watch it HERE.
Sunday, they did much better and although Don still needed two whistles to help him find his sheep, he did well enough after that to win the day and have a combined score that won the overall!
I'm afraid I don't have very many scores for you from this year.  I know that Lora Withnell and Bella won the day on Saturday, but I don't have any other final scores for that day - I do have Sunday (with thanks to Karen Mahoney)
Open Sunday (52 dogs)
1. Glen and Don 88
2. Williams and Lad 82
3. Ruben and Vangie 81
4. Haynes and Keally 78
5. Clawson and Tell 78
6. Imas and Tip 78
7. Johnston and Anna 76
8. Lumb and Jeb 74
9. Clawson and Estie 68
10. Shannahan and Riggs 68

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