Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fetch Gate Nursery - Day Two

I'm sorry I didn't do a report on yesterday's nursery, but it was basically more of the same.  The only difference was that Scott's dogs were in different orders.  He won with Bliss and was second with Tex.  Tara Dier and Fleet had a better go which wasn't hard since yesterday the rain poured on her with so much force and volume that Fleet couldn't hear her.  Their second go was much better.  Ford wasn't as good but I tried his outrun on the other side just for practice.  He wouldn't let me exhaust the sheep and we spent what felt like 15 minutes trying to open the gate without him stealing the sheep back.  I finally got him under control and spent the rest of the trial exhausting for everyone else to help him understand how settle down. (so I was unable to take any pictures).  Lori Cunningham and Anna went home early to plot their revenge on Ford for next year's nurseries and since we didn't need to qualify any more dogs, Skip stayed in his crate.

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