Friday, March 9, 2012


Scott's  alternate dog is Nan.
Nan is a quiet, biddable dog who's pedigree might surprise you. Her father, Debbie Bailey's Ben, comes down  a long line of tough dogs, including Dale Montgomery's Huck, Lorne Smith's Hemp (grand father to Scott's Pleat) and, ABCA hall of fame dog, Dodie Green's Soot.  No slouch himself on the trial field, Ben has also been a successful stud dog siring several quality open dogs.
Debbie Bailey's Ben, sire of Nan - photo by Christine Koval
 Her mother, is RC Tomlinson's Dat, out of his good bitch, Penny and Jim "The Bomber" who goes back to Templeton's Roy.
Right now, Nan is a dog without a class. Scott was planning on running her in Nursery classes last year when, 2 months shy of being ready to trial, she broke a bone in her foot.  So she sat out most of her Nursery year.  Scott did throw her in the Fetch Gate Nursery trial last June and on her first run, she came up a star and won it.  However, after that her lack of training showed through and the couple other times he ran her, she was over her head.
Nan holds a single
 There was a possibility of Scott running Nan as his second open dog this year but it was deemed that with her lack of training and experience last year, she should start back at the bottom and work her way up. June will run as his second open dog instead.  Nan will start in the Pro-Novice classes and if she proves herself ready, she will create a dilemma for Scott and force him to choose between her and June in open for next year.
Nan catches a run away ewe
 We are hoping to breed Nan to Scott's Don this summer if we can find someone to whelp out the litter for us while we are on the road.

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Thank you Jenny for the story of a lifetime. Your kindess means so much to so many of us.